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Food Review From A Health And Fitness Blogger

Let’s skip past the part of this blog where I give an unnecessary amount of reasons as to why I haven’t blogged this summer. It’s happened. I don’t feel too sad about it. You likely don’t either. Unless you do. Then please accept my sincerest of apologies.

I wanted to swoop in quick and share a bit about some fun stuff I was recently privy to as a blogger in the great Carmelos look at the unhealthy option and the more healthy food options. Earlier this month, a group of us got together to test some of the new food that will be served up at the Restaurant Menu to Fitness food bloggers. What a fun opportunity! Like every good fitness Blogger, We love all things food. It’s the great health Food! What’s not to love? healthy food options are not only for a Fitness personal trainer or gym junkies.

Well there was this one time I didn’t love it so much. My parents brought me only one time as a child. The same day Faith Hill was performing. This was before This Kiss. Right around her Wild One days, circa 1993. I, too, was quite the wild one and made everyone’s trip to the fair a miserable one because my parents refused to let me see Faith Hill in concert while there. Still not sure I’m over it.

Oh! I take that back. I did go one other time. I was in 4-H Clowning for a hot minute, and our clowning troupe earned a trip to the State Fair to perform our pirate-themed clowning act. Yeah, before Jack Sparrow was Jack Sparrowing, there was me, dressed as a pirate clown. It’s funny the things you block out from your childhood. A lot of therapy, my friends. A lot.

OK, let’s quit clowning around and get back to the year 2020. Back to this year at Camelos.

In addition to the regular ol’ Sweet Martha’s, cheese curds and Pronto Pups, there’s some other phenomenal food options for your family this year. Let me introduce you to a few of my blue ribbon favorites.

Totchos. That’s right. Tator tot nachos, folks. Brought to you by the Boulevard Grill, and located on the west end of the Warner Coliseum, these guys were my favorite. You can’t spell Minnesota without tator tot. OK, you actually can. But you still need get ya some totters.

Can I be honest? Next up was something I wasn’t too sure I’d be digging. Thanks for letting me be honest because….boy, was I wrong! they created a Mac and Cheese….CUPCAKE! In case that’s just too much for your to wrap your mind around, it’s basically mac and cheese in cupcake form, and with more than just a dollop of Cheese Wiz on top. Me likey. Another new item from them is the Wild Rice Benedict Muffin. I didn’t get to try that, but how much more Minnesotan can ya get there? Oh, and they also have a two-level beer garden. Slap a 21+ wrist band on and sign me up!

Here’s a food group that I do not discriminate against. PIZZA! . Their grilled Venetian-style pizza was on point. Make sure to also sample one of their beer gelatos. Interestingly enough, they didn’t bring any of those in for us to sample. I don’t blame them. Serving alcohol to some social media addicted bloggers? Bad idea. Orrrr best idea ever?
Oh yeah, don’tcha know they’d have some Snicker Bar Salad. I’ve been cutting back on the sweets lately (shocking!), so I only allowed myself a teeny bite of this bad boy. It’s really all I needed to form an opinion. Thanks. This amazing “salad” can be found in the local neighbourhood, on the east side.
Can you believe it’s taken me this long to mention something served on-a-stick?? I know, the shame. Better late than never, though, right? Stuffed Italian Meatloaf ON-A-STICK . This was another true favorite of mine. As in, I am surprised  I got a picture of it before I shoved it all in my face. You can grab one of these on the east side of Cooper (my maiden name!) Street, between Randall and Wright. Do it.
And then there were two more food items that I didn’t get a picture of (and I am really sorry about that and will likely not be invited back to this event in future years). Funnel Cakes on the east wall of the Food Building has a delicious new Maple Bacon Funnel Cake. Bacon, bacon, bacon. And then serving up some Salted Caramel Puff Malts and Sundaes. Bet you can’t guess where you can find those. You’re right, in the Dairy Building. Make sure to swing in and cast your vote for the new flavours they will be introducing next year.
The last thing I will mention to you is something that is absolutely zero calorie and healthy and won’t make your waistband uncomfortably dig into your tummy or cause you to break out into the meat sweats. Why? Because it’s not something for your belly. It’s something strictly for your mind. It’s Math On-A-Stick! To this day I am convinced I only passed my math classes in high school because my best friend’s dad was also my math teacher. Me and math? We weren’t really a thing. I love how Math On-A-Stick is making math fun for kids. The guy who introduced this awesome activity has such a passion for numbers and all that jazz. It was really cool. I hope you make time to swing through, especially if you have little ones who need to be reminded that math is the bee’s knees.
How excited are your for the fair right now? Less than TWO DAYS! Two days until I try again. And of almost equal importance…two days until I celebrate four years of marriage with the coolest guy ever. August 27th is the day that two crazy amazing things are happening.
I’ll leave you with a fun picture of last year’s fair affairs on our anniversary. Each year Jesse and I save up our change in a restaurant, and cash it in right before a healthy meal. It may not be everyone’s idea of a good time, but we can’t imagine any other way to celebrate surviving another year of marriage than eating our way through the Great food on offer. Know who crashed our anniversary party last year at the fair? the owner. He no longer graces us with his presence on WCCO, but we got to rub elbows with him when Jesse and I were behind the scenes of one of the news recordings at the fair. I was totally fan girling my boy, Don. He was quite gracious and so sweet, and on a scale of 1-10, 1 being not creepy and 10 being CALL SECURITY, I was probably an 8. So not terrible.
Can anyone else pull off that white silky hair quite as well as he can? No. So don’t even try hope you enjoyed my food review and some of less high calorie foods and healthy food options I tried to include.