Everybody loves grilled meat and barbequed sausages with their favourite type of sauces. Barbecue and open-air grilling are a few of the oldest cooking methods of the world, there are similar traditions all around the world like the Indian tandoor and pit cooking in various cultures around the world. Barbeques have been improvised through time and are very different from their states of origin like the Caribbean pit cooking styles and the Asian tandoor. Barbeque is not only a cooking style but also a group activity which involves the community to cook together and eat together. In some parts of China, the older cultures of the desert region is to cook a whole camel in an underground tandoor, this activity is part of a marriage ceremony where both sides of the bride and groom cook the camel and eat it together. Let us have a look at a few barbeque recipes which you can work on this season.

BBQ chicken

The all-time favourite BBQ chicken

The Barbeque is famous for grilling chicken and there can be no barbeque party without chicken. Before you begin with the recipe, you must preheat your barbeque to its optimum heat levels and let its smoke for a few minutes before you place the meat, this will ensure even cooking and provide a smoky flavour to your chicken. Cut out your favourite portions of chicken and defrost them if needed. It is advisable that you get fresh chicken from a trusted local butcher and make sure that the meat is from a farm chicken. To marinate the chicken, place the meat in a bowl and sprinkle it with salt and pepper, this will help the chicken to release the moisture fast. Add a few spoons of hung curd and a dash of lime, the acidic nature of lime and curd will tenderise the meat and give it a tangy flavour. Sprinkle a few pinches of paprika and pour a half a cup of red wine or cognac to the meat. The alcohol will bong with the meat and lock in all the flavours, it will also help the chicken to smoke well, remember that you must use one cup of alcoholic beverage for one kilogram of meat. Mix it well and pack it the mixture in an airtight container and leave it to rest overnight. Fire up your barbeque with good quality wood charcoal and let it smoke for a while, oil your grill well so that the meat doesn’t stick the iron beams. Place the meat on the grill and cover the barbeque, let it cook for 10 minutes and check if the meat is ready. Once it’s done, let the meat cool down and absorb all the flavours, serve it with toasted buns or your favourite dip.


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