Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

It is summer and everyone is ready to face the ever-daunting sun and heat with a set of new flavours and hydrating drinks. The summer mood is loved by all and people wait for the colourful fests, pool parties, beach festivals. To put you in the spring mood, the best thing to offer would be a tall glass of colourful non-alcoholic drink with a piece of a lime wedge on it, placed next to your favourite piece of medium-rare chicken. It is a common misconception that alcoholic drinks are better is cooling off the human body, on the contrary, they raise the body’s temperature and cause massive dehydration. It is best to use the plain old water-based drinks this summer as they reduce the body’s temperature and provide a faster cool off. Although they will not get you drunk but look on the brighter side, you will be able to enjoy it with your family and take care of your health at the same time. The thought of having a nice chilled beer pops in your mind when you think of summers but hold that thought and opt for a healthy option this summer. Have a great time with your family while sipping on a range of colourful drinks, offering different flavours and most importantly it can be enjoyed by anyone in spite of their age or health conditions. From the refreshing mint lime to the sweet watermelon, here are a few non-alcoholic drinks to try out this summer.

Strawberry mocktail

Strawberry mocktail

Nothing can provide more comfort than a soda beverage flavoured with fresh mint and strawberries. To make this drink you need to have fresh strawberries, fresh mint and a bottle of chilled soda. In a blender add the strawberries and give them a good whirl then add the sugar and mint and run the blender again. Once you have your base ready, open a new bottle of soda and add it to the blender, add some sugar to flavour the drink and spin the blades until the flavours have been incorporated in the soda. To serve this drink you will need a frosted glass and some crushed ice. Pour the drink in the glass and add crushed ice to create a slurry, top it with mint leaves and a lime wedge, your strawberry cocktail is ready.

Wood-apple sharbat

Wood apple or Indian bael is a fruit which is native to the Indian subcontinent and is commonly used in summers as a refreshing drink. To make this juice you will have to crack the fruit and soak it in water for 15 minutes and then scoop the pulp into a blender. Add some ice, cold water and sugar to the blender and give it a spin, your bael sharbat is ready.


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